Rod Arnold , Founder of Frontier   More about Rod

Rod Arnold, Founder of Frontier

More about Rod

i started frontier to help great organizations do more good

You're working hard to change the world. But just because you're dedicated to a great cause doesn't mean it's easy. I know all about the challenges and frustrations. I've been in your shoes, working under pressure to hit aggressive goals. So many irons in the fire you barely have time to think.

That's why I believe you need a true partnernot just a big agency or a constellation of service providers.

I am personally committed to making Frontier the very best in the world at helping nonprofits and purpose-driven brands be more successful. We've assembled an amazing team of smart, dedicated people, with expertise in fundraising strategy, digital marketing, social media, peer-to-peer programs, influencer marketing, inbound/content marketing, cause marketing and corporate partnerships.

Our agile process is built on the principles of design thinking, and we're masters of today's most advanced technologies and tools. We work with you to reach exactly the right target audience and turn them into donors, buyers and evangelists.

Most importantly, we're obsessed with sparking movements for Good. One of our mantras is "don't just make a statement, make a difference". And the best way for us to make a difference in this world is to help you grow and make a greater, lasting impact.

Thank you for checking out Frontier. I look forward to seeing what Good we can do together.